一位评审员表示自己是一位80后妈妈,她认为在处理孩子与游戏之间的关系上应该站在更加符合孩子利益的角度,“不仅仅是一味地禁止孩子去玩游戏,而是让孩子明白要健康、合理、科学地上网,让孩子享受游戏所带来的快乐,并且有所收获”。  校党委宣传部常务副部长阎大伟,纪委副书记、监察处处长孙晓东,党委学工部部长陆林召,党委教师工作部部长、人事处处长张宇,财务处处长张维光,设备处处长邹修明出席活动并担任评审专家。

Before I go to travel, I get used to searching the information about the tourist sites and pay special attention to tourist guide, then I will follow the lines that the books advise. I will say no to the place that the author give bad comment. But a special trip change my attitude to tourist guide. I went to a small but famous city. When I reached my destination and talked to the owner of the hotel, I asked his advice for site seeing, then he told me to hang around, never followed the tourist guide, because  the scenery you saw could make judgement. I started to think about my travel lines and decided not to follow the books. At last, I found the place that never mentioned in the book was so attractive and worth to have a look. I understand the words, to see is to believe.